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Medication Assisted Treatment

For Established Patients 

This program has been designed to treat and support withdrawal and sobriety from opioids.

We offer treatment for opiate addiction with Buprenorphine/Naloxone.

Some people are on this medication for short periods of time while others remain on it for years or even lifelong to prevent relapse.


  • For more information the opioid epidemic
  • For more information on how Buprenorphine works
  • For more information on  recovery resources.
  • Click her to take the patient satisfaction survey.
Program requirements
  • Establish as a primary care patient at EDCHC

  • Schedule the RN assessment appointment

  • Sign medication safety contract.

  • Schedule the induction appointment 

  • Attend weekly refill stabilization groups 

  • Submit weekly U-tox testing

  • Attend post stabilization refills

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