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New Service to El Dorado Community Health Center Patients


Eye care services available to all established EDCHC patients. No referral necessary. Sliding fee is available for those who qualify.

Glasses Fitting

Eye Care Services

  • Routine and Diabetic eye exams

  • Ocular diseases management (including cataract, glaucoma, and macular degeneration)

  • Dry eye/ocular surface diseases management.

  • Emergency services for red eyes/eye pain/floaters and flashes.

  • Optical services for eyewear frames and lenses


Studies have proven that routine eye exams are the most important part of preventing vision loss. By getting annual eye exams, you can catch problems early on and prevent further vision loss.

Dr. Tam-An Nguyen's journey in optometry began at UC Davis for her undergraduate studies, followed by UC Berkeley for optometry school, where she honed her skills and passion for eye care. This led her to establish a successful private practice, where she prioritized a whole patient approach to care, fostering lasting patient relationships.  Driven by her commitment to advancing eye care, Dr. Nguyen's career trajectory evolved as she assumed the role of Chief of Optometry at a large health care organization for eight impactful years. Currently serving as the Clinical Director of Eye Care at El Dorado Community Health Care, Dr. Nguyen continues to emphasize comprehensive and accessible eye care, solidifying her reputation as a dedicated optometrist and a mentor in the field.

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