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Response to the community

Dear Patients and Friends of the El Dorado Community Health Center:

We are currently in uncertain times with high concerns about the our health, and the health of our families and community.  Please know that El Dorado Community Health Center is working hard to keep you healthy and safe.  Your health and well-being and that of our community and staff, is our top priority. We have therefore altered our methods for delivery of care to keep you safe during your visits as well as partnering with you in trying to maintain the best health possible.

Here are a few measures we are taking to help reduce exposure to COVID-19.


·         Initiated Tele-visits where you can be safe at home and our providers can offer you services via internet visit with an app or phone visits

·         Installed Sanitation stations at each site.

·         Patients with a cough must wear masks while in the office and to minimize exposure we ask sick patients to wait in their car where we can check on patients before coming inside

·         Increased cleaning and disinfecting procedures in all areas of the practice at each location.


For those patients who have chronic conditions, are medically compromised and/or over the age of 65; we especially want to maintain our involvement with you in keeping you as healthy as possible so you would be in the best position to weather COVID-19.  Please contact us for a Tele-visit so you can continue to work with your provider on medication management, managing your chronic conditions as well as other concerns you may have.  With the level of fear and anxiety high over COVID-19, feel free to contact us to speak to one of our behavioral health therapists.  As your trusted partner in healthcare, we are here for you and your family and will continue to work with you as we go through this pandemic together.


In This Together,

Terri Lee Stratton, MPH

Chief Executive Officer

El Dorado Community Health Center

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