New Building Ground Breaking Ceremony


April 16, 2021 at 12:30pm 

The El Dorado Community Health Centers is proud to announce the start of construction on our new 30,000 sq. ft. community health center! Join us virtually through our YouTube page or here on our website on April 16th at 12:30 pm to witness the ground breaking. The streams will be going live starting at 12:30 pm. Tune in!

Share your Health Success Story with us and the world!

Thank you to all the patients who bring in thank you cards, share their food, bring snacks, or give hugs to our staff. We appreciate all you do to show how much we have helped you. If you would like to share your success story for others to see, please submit your story. 

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The Story of Anna

A woman, in her late 70’s, arrived for her appointment with her primary care physician.  The woman, who we will call Anna, recently arrived from another country.  She had a list of chronic health issues, including uncontrolled diabetes.  Anna arrived with a family friend to assist with interpreting.  It was quickly determined that she was uninsured and did not have the means to pay for her newly prescribed medications or her lab fees.  Through the interpreter, it was explained to Anna, how vital it was for her to begin taking these medications as soon as possible. She began to cry, explaining she could not pay for them.  The provider asked for additional assistance and Ellie Orozco, Patient Advocate, was summoned to the exam room.


Ellie introduced herself via interpreter, although Ellie is bilingual, Farsi is not one of her included languages.  Ellie provided the patient with the sliding fee discount program application.  She told Anna as an FQHC, she could receive medical care at the El Dorado Community Health Centers, even if she could not afford her office co-payment.  While the patient completed the application, Ellie excused herself and returned to her office.  She called our EDCHC pharmacy and spoke with the amazing pharmacy staff to explore possible options.


Within the hour, Ellie purchase the patient’s medications, took $10 out of her wallet, paid for the Quest laboratory fees, and returned to inform the patient that everything was taken care of.  Anna, shook Ellie’s hand, looked in to her eyes and for the first time during that visit, smiled.  She asked her interpreter to tell Ellie that she never in her entire life felt so comfortable and cared for with compassion and kindness by her provider and by Ellie.


We are fortunate at the El Dorado Community Health Centers to have the ability to help patients who are in dire need.  With donations from local businesses and philanthropic organizations, we can help those patients get through the hurdle of establishing care while looking for potential health insurance coverage options.


Identifying barriers to care is not a quick process but it is an important one. Taking the time to meet with patients to understand their needs is often very time consuming but when we take the time to listen, we also take the time to truly care. 

Smiling medical personel