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Veronica Velasquez-Morfin, MD

Primary Care Provider

Dr. Veronica Velasquez grew up in a small rural agricultural community of Greenfield, CA.  After graduating from King City High School, she attended UC Santa Barbara becoming the first college graduate in her family.  Dr. Velasquez subsequently matriculated into the UCLA School of Medicine, where she was a recipient of the prestigious Dean Merit Scholarship for outstanding community service. After receiving her medical degree in 2001, she completed a Family and Community Medicine residency at UCSF-San Francisco General Hospital in 2004 where her training emphasis was caring, advocating, and allocating services to underserved communities. She then transitioned to caring for the medically indigent at Sacramento County. 

Now for the past 12 years, as a primary care physician and Chief Medical Officer of El Dorado Community Health Centers, Dr. Velasquez has worked in the front lines alongside her colleagues and support staff to provide care to everyone regardless of insurance or documentation status.  In response to the opioid epidemic in her local community, she led the effort in the implementation of an interdisciplinary team-based Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program in 2016 that includes both opioid addiction treatment and safe prescribing for chronic pain.  The program has expanded to treatment of other substance use disorders.  She will continue to advocate for equity in the care of the most vulnerable and marginalized in our communities.

Open to C3/MAT patients only.


Veronica Velasquez-Morfin, MD
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